Our first ePLANET’s newsletter is out

by | Jun 15, 2022 | News

We are happy to announce that our first ePLANET’s newsletter is out! With this newsletter we aim to inform relevant stakeholders on the activities, outputs and events of the ePLANET project.

ePLANET is still young. Less than a year has passed since we met to kick it off in September 2021. But the first months have been very fruitful, with good news to report! This newsletter includes a summary of some of the most relevant activities we have been performing within the first months of the project. You can also find more information on our website www.eplaneth2020.eu .


The development of the project leaflet has been one of our initial milestones. The leaflet reflects the “ePLANET in a nutshell” principle, summarizing the aim and goals of the project, together with the objectives and the expected impacts. You can download it from our website, in 4 different languages.


The ePLANET project targets the public sector, in particular local and regional authorities dealing with energy transition plans and actions. Work has been done to identify the needs and requirements of these actors to enhance the deployment of energy transition measures. We have also worked on the analysis of the bottlenecks and barriers regarding digitalization of energy transition plans and the governance strategies within the different public authorities.

Surveys on energy transition data collection were conducted in the pilot regions (Girona in Catalonia, Crete in Greece and Zlín in Czech Republic). The aim of the surveys is to develop a proof of concept in determining the real needs of public authorities that can facilitate the deployment of energy transition projects. Important insights were extracted from the answers of the authorities, which lead to a report on user needs and requirements for ET at public level.

These surveys show that municipalities face several important barriers to the efficient management of energy transition, including problems related to a lack of technical staff, the lack of clear and coherent legislation, the reduced involvement from the national authorities and the difficulties to coordinate the deployment of energy transition actions between the different levels of governance in the public sector (local, regional, national).

STAKEHOLDERS FORUMWhile the consortium includes the necessary expertise to develop the proposed tools and activities, we think it is also necessary to take into consideration best practices and opinions from other experts working in the energy transition governance and digitalization of measures and actions. Following this principle, the project has created a Stakeholders Forum with 12 different sessions dedicated to different aspects of the topic.

The initial sessions are intended to increase the capacity of the consortium partners to successfully establish and develop the ePLANET tools. During these initial sessions, some experts and key actors on energy transition digitalization, harmonization and governance have provided the consortium with their interesting feedback, best practices and insights on the subject.

For example, the 1st and 3rd sessions were focused on the outcomes of the TerriStory tool and EnergeeWatch project, from Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Energy Environment Agency. Through presentation and further discussions, the ePLANET partners have received expert feedback on implementing a data visualization tool to support multi-level governance as well as on potential strategies to maximize impact and citizen engagement through data visualization. The 2nd session was focused on best strategies to deploy photovoltaic self-consumption communities in Spain. In particular, that session included interesting discussions on market analysis, regulatory framework and identification of best strategies to overcome main barriers to the deployment of energy communities, with EKATE project partners.

During the 2nd year of the project, the Stakeholders Forum will be open to the most engaged target audience of the project, to facilitate the deployment and adoption of the ePLANET tools by the wider audience and stakeholders of the project.



We also want to highlight a major event of vital importance for the project. We have just launched (June 2022) the ePLANET Open Call for Follower Regions

The Open Call is targeting motivated authorities and energy agencies who want to join the ePLANET team as a regional partner, benefiting from tailored support including study visits to one of the project regions, peer to peer guidance and participation in webinars and workshops.

We see this Open Call as a very interesting opportunity for other EU regions or supra-local authorities to boost the deployment of energy transition measures and enhance their vertical and horizontal governance of the energy transition strategy and action plans, through the support of ePLANET project.

You can apply until 20th June, don’t miss this opportunity!



Our website includes a specific section to download all the resources and tools that the project is developing. This section is being regularly updated. New results will come soon, you can follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to stay tuned on our journey.