4th Stakeholders Forum

by | Nov 14, 2022 | Stakeholders Forum

On 10th November 2022, we held the 4th session of our Stakeholders Forum, addressing the topic “ePLANET tool”. More than 30 participants from pilot regions were attending the event.

Within it, Gerard Laguna from CIMNE and Pau Solà from INERGY presented the last developments of the project and a first overview of the platform that is being developed within the project. The subsequent debate was very constructive and helpful for the project consortium, to fine tune the platform development.

Thanks both of you for this interesting presentation, and thanks also to the whole participants on the session.

The next Stakeholders Forum will be on 23rd November, and will be focused on the Energy Transition Governance Strategies.

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ePLANET - 4th Stakeholders Forum - 07

ePLANET – 4th Stakeholders Forum – 07

ePLANET - 4th Stakeholders Forum - 06

ePLANET – 4th Stakeholders Forum – 06