ePLANET: beneficial opportunities for regions!

by | Apr 24, 2022 | News

Do you want to accelerate the energy transition in your region? Now is the opportunity to join the obliging ePLANET team as regional partner.

ePLANET targets the deployment of a new clustering governance for energy transition based on a digital framework to share harmonized information. The project provides public authorities with a set of tools to improve decision-making, to facilitate the adoption of policies and actions plans (e.g., SECAPs) and to accelerate the implementation of Energy Transition Measures.

ePLANET aims to improve the coordination between local authorities and regional governments by fostering the digitalisation of energy data available in dispersed data sources. The improvements in the multi-level governance and the developed energy data visualizations will be designed and implemented together with three regions:

  • Crete Island (Greece)
  • Girona Region (Spain)
  • Zlín Region (Czech Republic)


How can your region benefit from ePLANET?

The project team and especially our regional partners are searching for regional alliances to work together on the Energy Transition. You can find further information in our dedicated project page.