Stakeholders’ meeting-webinar: “Prospecting web environments to support energy communities”

by | abr. 20, 2022 | Uncategorized @ca

Some weeks ago, an interesting webinar about the implementation of Energy Communities in Spain was organised by ePLANET project in collaboration with EKATE project. The webinar focused on best strategies to deploy photovoltaic self-consumption communities in Spain. 

In particular, the webinar included discussions on market analysis and regulatory framework, identification of key concepts and gaps for future developments, strategies to overcome main barriers for deployments (e.g. involvement of neighborhood associations), and the role of public sector.

These are some of the most interesting conclusions:

  • Public sector should become community boosters, being active partners of self-consumption energy communities.
  • Blockchain technology can connect well with the social part of the communities, enhancing their engagement with the overall process. 
  • Traders and retailers can be important players because they allow for a diversity of load electricity profiles.
  • A friendly web environment can support the community during the initial setting up of the energy community, as well as during the operation stage.
  • Different key stakeholders depending on the phase: promoters for development stage, distributors and marketers on the operationnel stage.
  • Resource generation through the monetisation of energy surpluses (community surpluses, infrastructure maintenance, social currency) has better results and efficiency than other strategies.