During the first months of the project, there has been a lot of preparation work to do. The 10 partners which participate in ePLANET have had monthly meetings to discuss the evolution of the project and the next steps to follow so that the project moves forward to achieve its main objectives: creating a platform to share harmonized information about energy measures and actions at local level, boosting Energy Transition and improving coordination and multi-governance.

As far as the communication plan is concerned, the website has already been created and also a leaflet with the key points to the project. With the material available, we have started contacting (both via online and face-to-face meetings) local authorities and the main stakeholders in the three pilot regions (Catalonia, Zlín region and Crete island) in order to know their needs and requirements regarding the definition and implementation of energy transition measures.

The authorities have been sent a survey so that the members of ePLANET can evaluate their necessities, not only in energy transition matters such as infrastructure, renewable energies, actions taken or sectors included, but also in capacity building. That last is very important by the time we create webinars and workshops, so we can know which are the main difficulties and which matters should be dealt with in order to improve knowledge and performance.

ePLANET requires a high level of commitment and involvement of a significant part of the local authorities in the pilot regions and beyond them. Project partners are already working in a Replication and Networking plan, which will increase the visibility of the project beyond pilot regions and will define the main procedure to identify and select follower regions in ePLANET ecosystem. ePLANET project works following a 3-tier-approach, meaning that 3 levels of participation and engagement will be taken into account. The most committed public authorities and stakeholders will have access to more tools and capacity building activities than the less involved ones. 

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