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Výstupy projektu

ePLANET Collaborative Working Environmentt

This document describes the ePLANET Collaborative Working Environment (CWE). The CWE has different tools to be used for project members, encompassing a wide set of features in order to manage the project documentation

Guidelines and Quality Assurance of ePLANET project

This document defines the management structures and how decision-making is organised during the project to ensure quality assurance. It includes also practical guidelines to efficiently manage all the documentation generated within the project.

ePLANET Replication and Networking plan

This document provides a framework for the replication and networking activities of the project, including description of specific actions to foster the adoption of ePLANET tools beyond pilot sites

ePLANET Communication and Dissemination Plan

This document is the first version of ePLANET’s Communication and Dissemination plan, which fixes the communication and dissemination strategy and defines the related activities. Further releases will be elaborated during project progress.

ePLANET Project website Manual

This document summarizes the design, the structure and the management of ePLANET project website

ePLANET Visual Identity Handbook

This document defines the visual identity of the project, regarding all its communication and dissemination activities. This includes: logos, types of colours and fonts, template for deliverables and template for presentations. 

ePLANET Data and Ethics Management

This document covers the key ethical issues concerning research activity as identified and established by the European Commission, as well as at National and International relevant legislations. 

ePLANET Data Management Plan

This document clarifies the handling of research data during and after the project. It includes data that will be collected, processed or generated during the project, as well as methodology and standards that will be applied, among others.