EAZK – Energy agency of the Zlín Region

The Energy agency of the Zlín Region (EAZK) is a non-profit organisation. It is a regional energy agency established in 2006 and 100% owned by the Zlín Region.

Since 2014 EAZK is Covenant of Mayor Supporter and takes actions on territories of the Zlín Region in the field of energy.

EAZK takes part in the project ePLANET as a representative of the pilot region, i.e. the Zlín Region and coordinates and leads the pilot implementation. Moreover, it contributes to overall goals of the project with particular focus on the transferring activities (scaling up to the whole region, replication to their regions) but also on capacity building (user’s empowerment, for instance) and the definition and deployment of clustering groups and governance methodology, and the institutionalization of ePLANET outcomes.

Other Partners

CIMNE – International Centre for Numerical Methods in Engineering
ICAEN – Catalan Institute for Energy
CRES – The Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Saving
Diputació de Girona
RDFC – Regional Development Fund of Crete
FEDARENE – The European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment
ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability
3OC – Three o’clock