RDFC – Regional Development Fund of Crete

The Regional Development Fund of Crete (RDFC) is a public entity under private law with an innovating role in the implementation of regional development in the region of Crete, aiming to the management of public sector’s funding, to the planning and support of the regional and local authorities and to the participation into EU projects. Under the RDFC operates the Regional Energy Agency of Crete (REAC), which implements multilevel sustainable energy-climate policy and governance, and multisector energy transition through the regional coordination of the “Covenant of Mayors”/” Covenant of Islands” and intensive partnerships at local/regional/national/European and international levels.

Other Partners

CIMNE – International Centre for Numerical Methods in Engineering
ICAEN – Catalan Institute for Energy
CRES – The Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Saving
EAZK – Energy agency of the Zlín Region
Diputació de Girona
FEDARENE – The European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment
ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability
3OC – Three o’clock